Dynamical simulation of electrical machines using numerical modelling

We are providing electrical machines behavior analysis on dynamic situations.  Such situations are eg. direct on-line start, flying start, 2- and 3-phase short circuit, opposite synchronization, loss of synchronism. Needed input for the analysis is usually equivalent circuit parameters, or time constants/reactances, which are normally available from machine manufacturer. Outcome of analysis is all machine variables, torque, currents, voltages as function of time, which can be provided in graphs and in numeric format included in comprehensive report.  Analysis can be used eg. for, trouble shooting / root cause analysis of failure, setting mechanical structure design / engineering criterias for fault torques, setting electrical engineering criterias for fault currents, obtaining machine fault torques for torsional analysis of drive train, etc.


Pre-engineering stage - project requirement clarification for electrical machine vendors

Based to +20 years experience on electrical machine engineering and manufacturing and, +5 years experience in inspection, we are providing pre-engineering stage project requirements clarification for vendors. The aim of the service is to avoid loss of time and money due to misunderstood or over looked project requirements. The goal is achieved by identifying and highlighting significant requirements and "interpreting" them to application engineer's language.


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